How To Decorate A Bedroom Effortlessly: The 2024 Bedroom Decor Ideas For NZ

Turn your bedroom from just ‘nice’ to absolutely gorgeous!

RJ Eagar, your go-to destination for stylish bed linens, trendy cushions, luxurious throws and more home accessories and furnishings, has rounded up the top five bedroom decor ideas that will be trending in New Zealand in 2024.

Quiet Luxury

In 2024, luxury isn’t defined by loud, ostentatious displays but rather by a more serene and harmonious blend of high-quality materials and thoughtful design.

The secret to achieving a perfect ‘quiet luxury’ look in your bedroom is to incorporate it subtly with these elements:

  • High-quality bed linen
  • Durable and classic bedroom furniture
  • Clean lines and subtle patterns
  • Natural materials

Here are a few pieces from our collection that embody the quiet luxury trend:

A Mix of Antique and Modern Decor

Wondering how to decorate a bedroom with antique furniture without making it look like a museum?

The key is balance between the old and the new. Pair your antique pieces with more modern elements. You can find vintage pieces from our secondhand shop and our main collection.

Use one style as the dominant theme (such as your antique furniture or decor pieces like vintage mirrors) and let the other play a secondary role (like modern bed linens) for a well-balanced bedroom. Don’t hesitate to mix textures and colours for a touch of fresh energy. Remember not to overcrowd the space, allowing your antique pieces to stand out.

Here are our favourite vintage-style pieces:

More Colour

Vibrant hues like sage and forest greens, midnight blue, reddish browns and warm yellows will make their way to bedrooms in 2024 through accent walls, bedding, or decor accessories like rugs, cushions and throws.

Here are our favourite colourful decorations:

Textural Diversity

Play with lots of textures in linens, rugs, and decor pieces to add more depth and interest to your bedroom.

Here are some examples from our collection:

Bring In Biophilic Design With Florals and Botanicals

The Carrie Duvet Set, with its intricate floral placement print and blush background, is a stunning example of introducing floral and botanicals to the bedroom.

Biophilic design is all about bringing nature in. This can be achieved for the bedroom with floral linens, botanical prints, and natural textures.

We have some beautiful nature-inspired decorations in our collection:

Verde duvet set
Merian cotton cushion
Merian cushion in black
Noah cushion
Floral canvas art

Now that you know what the top five bedroom decor ideas are, let’s look at how to decorate your bedroom in the right order.

What Do I Start With? The Best 9-Step Order To Decorate A Bedroom

Step 1: Identify Your Statement Pieces: Get started by selecting your bedroom’s standout statement pieces. These could be a stunning piece of wall art, a fancy headboard or a unique antique side table you’ve been eyeing. These pieces will act as the anchor for your bedroom decor ideas, defining the room’s personality and setting the tone for the other decor elements.

Step 2: Select a Colour Scheme: Colours can make or break a room, so choose a palette that reflects your personality and complements the furniture and the room.

For example, bright oranges and yellows might be fun colours, but they can make a small bedroom appear even smaller and busy.

Neutral elements like the ones below will work wonders for a small bedroom instead:

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Step 3: Analyse Your Space: Next, familiarise yourself with the room layout. Analyse the windows, lighting, doors, and wall dimensions to get a better idea of how to arrange your bedroom furniture and decor pieces effectively.

Step 4: Focus on the Bed: Make your bed the focal point of the room. Choose one of RJ Eagar’s luxury linens and bed cushions to make your bed look inviting and lavish. Add a textured throw to boost visual interest and comfort.

Step 5: Decide on a Rug: A rug can tie a room together to create a cohesive look. So pick one that matches your overall colour and decor theme.

Check out these highlights from our beautiful floor rug collection at RJ Eagar:

Step 6: Arrange Your Furniture: It’s time to position your furniture. Correct placement is essential for easy movement and visual balance.

Start with the biggest piece, the bed. Position it in a way that gives the best view when you enter the room, which is often centred and facing the door. Then, arrange your remaining pieces around it, considering both function and proportion.

Step 7: Decorate the Walls: Don’t forget about the vertical space. You can decorate bedroom walls with artwork, shelves, or mirrors from RJ Eagar.

View bedroom wall decor inspiration products:

Step 8: Add Accessories: Balance function and aesthetics by adding accessories like lamps, vases, or cushioned stools from RJ Eagar.

Check out our favourites:

Step 9: Adjust for the Seasons: Lastly, be ready to freshen up your room decor with the changing seasons. Swap cushions, throws and bed linen according to the seasons. Go for lighter linens in summer and cosy, warm textures in winter.

And that’s a wrap on how to decorate a bedroom in style!

If you like these bedroom decor ideas and want to give your space a fresh, new look for the year, start exploring our collection of home decor accessories, bed linen and bedroom furniture.