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Choosing the best flooring for your project

- 9 November 2018

Whether you are building, renovating or replacing – choosing flooring for your project is generally one of the last decisions to be made.  However, by no means should this be taken lightly as this is an investment that can not only make an impressive finish throughout but can add considerable value to your home.

Our showrooms have a myriad of options for you to choose from so what do you need to consider when making floor covering decisions?

Water resistant flooring for kitchen & bathroom

For kitchen, bathroom and laundry areas it is most common to select a hard flooring product for their water resistant properties.  Our flooring consultants can talk you through the many options including any subfloor requirements for your job.


wet areas kitchen bathroom hybrid

How to choose the right carpet

The best carpet choice for your home can be influenced by whether you have a preference for wool or synthetic yarn.  Do you have to consider children or pets and the effect they have on the wear in your home. Is foot traffic consistent throughout your home and what sort of underlay is best suited to your carpet choice and lifestyle?



All these questions can be answered by any of our experienced flooring consultants who can also assist with colour choices to compliment your interior.

UV Tex Garage Carpet is also a popular choice to assist not only with warmth but will reduce dust and noise in this area.


garage carpet





For over 70 years RJ Eagar have always employed 2-3 apprentices to learn the trade of carpet and hard flooring, working alongside our professional installers.

We also specialise in commercial flooring for any area and have completed many projects including offices, supermarkets, clinics, schools and day care centres. There is a wide range of products available should your area require a more heavy duty flooring solution.

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