9 Effortless Styling Techniques to Enhance Your Couch or Bed with a Throw

Couch and bed throws do more than keep you warm and cosy – they add style and personality to a living room or bedroom and make it more inviting.

But there’s an art to styling rugs and throws; these nine clever tips will help you master it.

How To Style A Throw On A Couch Or Chair

1. Casual Drape Your Throw For A Relaxed Vibe

Are you looking for ideas on how to cover a couch with a throw?

The easiest and simplest way to style couch throws is the classic casual drape.

Just toss one over the back of your couch or the arm of your favourite chair.
For a more laidback effect, arrange it to look slightly tousled. This style is perfect for those who like a relaxed, lived-in vibe in their lounge.

Get the look with these gorgeous throws and cushions:

2. Go For A Layered Look With Multiple Throws

Go for the layered look to bring more texture to your lounge area and enhance the snuggle factor with visual interest. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colours and patterns to create a cosy focal point in your living room.

The RJ Eagar cushion and throw collection has an impressive range of throws in various materials, patterns, and colours that you can combine to get this look:

3. Neatly Fold Your Throw on a Couch

This one’s for the decorators who appreciate the beauty of order and simplicity. The folder throw style presents a neater and more organised look.

Simply fold your couch throw neatly and place it over the backrest of your couch or the foot of your bed to make it look effortlessly put together.

Get the look with these minimalist and chic throws and cushions:

  • Symphony throw
  • Cosy throw in bone white
  • Seymour cushion
  • Kendrick cushion

4. The Basket Weave: Store Your Throw In A Beautiful Basket

Don’t you have much space on your sofa or time to keep arranging throws? Then, a lovely basket placement is your best fit.

We’ve got a stylish range of rattan and fabric baskets that will house your throws beautifully.

These baskets not only serve as excellent storage but also add a decorative touch to any cosy corner:

5. Hang Throws For An Elevated Look

Incorporate a decorative ladder to tastefully display your favourite throw over its rungs and add a bit of rustic charm to your space. Not only will this setup serve a functional purpose, but it will also add an interesting vertical element to your decor.

What is the purpose of having a throw blanket on a couch?

Made out of comforting materials like cotton, linen, microfibre and merino wool, throw blankets provide warmth and cosiness while adding texture, colour and visual interest to a bare couch.

When arranged with cushions, it can elevate your furniture’s appearance, creating a well-layered, inviting and stylish living space.

With the right arrangement and the curated collection of sofa throws and cushions available at RJ Eagar, you can easily make your couch or chair look like it popped right out of an interior design magazine!

Follow our guide to arranging cushions for details on pairing cushions and throws together.

How To Decorate A Bed With A Throw

6. Place The Throw On The Edge Of The Bed

This classic style is all about draping the throw on the foot of the bed, either casually or neatly folded, and letting it hang down just enough to show off the beautiful colours and textures.

It’s especially inviting in winter when an extra layer of warmth is much needed.

Get the look with these ultra-snuggly throws:

7. Placing The Throw Diagonally On The Edge:

Create a dynamic and asymmetrical visual interest by tastefully arranging the throw at an angle, creating a diagonal line. Place it on one corner of the bed, neatly folded or in a tousled and casual manner.

For a bolder statement, choose a throw with colourful patterns or striking designs, like the ones below:

8. Layering:

Layering throws give your bed a luxurious feel. The key is contrasting textures and colours.

Get the look by pairing our Bliss chunky mohair blend throw with the smooth Serenade cotton for a mix of cosy and chic.

9. Laying It Out On The Bed:

Sometimes, simplicity is key. Spread your throw evenly over the bed. This adds a uniform layer of warmth while allowing the design to be fully appreciated.

What Is A Standard Size of a Throw?

The standard size for both couch and bed throws is 1.25 metres by 1.5 metres, but this can vary depending on personal preference and the size of the furniture, especially the bed.

  • For a twin bed, the throw would be approximately 1.52 m X 2.29 m.
  • For a queen bed, the throw would be approximately 2.44 m X 2.29 m.
  • For a king bed, the throw would be approximately 2.74 m X 2.29 m.

Put your creativity into action!

Now that you know how to style a throw in nine easy ways, experiment with our stunning range of throws and cushions here at RJ Eagar. Happy styling!