5 Rug Decor Ideas For NZ Homes

If there’s one item that can transform your space by adding more texture, dimension and tying the colour scheme of a whole room together – it’s the floor rug.

If you want to spruce up your living room, bedroom or hallway and need inspiration, here are our rug decor ideas with examples from RJ Eagar’s collection of beautiful, contemporary floor rugs.

5 Trending Rug Decor Ideas To Try This Year

1. Coastal Rugs:

Bring easy, breezy beach vibes into your home with a coastal rug with sandy neutrals, blue-green hues and intricate patterns of seaside motifs.

Look for rugs made with materials like jute, a natural fibre that enhances the relaxed holiday feel. Rugs with tribal patterns are also part of this trend.

Get the look with these four stunning coastal rugs from the RJ Eagar rug collection:

2. Black and White Rugs

Black and white rugs are a timeless idea that can add an elegant touch to your living room, hallway or bedroom.

Their monochromatic versatility allows them to seamlessly blend with other decor elements and furniture of different colours and styles. The contrasting hues bring a sense of balance to any room.

Our Boho and Wallace floor rugs are perfect examples of how black and white rugs can make any space look contemporary and sophisticated.

3. Animal Area Rugs

Embrace the wild side with animal-inspired rugs made with natural cowhides, fur or wool. These rugs add a touch of nature to your living space and bring warmth, texture, and a hint of luxury.

Animal area rugs are especially great for homes featuring a modern rustic or Kiwi barnhouse-style aesthetic.

Not sure what your style of decor is? Explore these top 10 home decor styling themes in New Zealand and find the perfect aesthetic to complement your taste.

4. Neutral Rugs

Neutral rugs are a fantastic addition to homes with minimalist, Japandi or contemporary-style decor. They bring a sense of serenity to a space and offer design flexibility without taking the attention away from other decor elements.

You can pair neutral rugs with bright-coloured decor and furniture or combine them with light-toned furniture to create a cohesive and calming space.

Be inspired by these neutral floor rugs by RJ Eagar:

5. Patterned Vintage Rugs:

Step back in time with the charm and character of vintage patterned rugs. These rugs are still in vogue for a good reason: vintage decorative floor rugs add an eclectic touch to any space, bringing a sense of personality and uniqueness.

To seamlessly blend vintage rugs with modern decor, experiment by mixing different styles. Picture a patterned vintage rug complementing contemporary furniture, creating a timeless effect.

These are four of our favourite vintage floor rugs:

More About Rug Ideas

Here are a few common questions that come up when exploring rug ideas:

What Colour Rug Makes a Room Look Bigger?

Light-coloured, neutral rugs are the best at making a room appear bigger than it is. Go for cool tones like beige, white, taupe and sand, and avoid shades like dark brown, black and navy, as they can make the space seem narrower.

Should Rugs be Lighter or Darker than Walls?

There’s no hard-and-fast rule to this, but it’s generally good to have a bit of contrast. So, if your walls are light, choose a rug with a slightly darker shade to add visual interest.

On the flip side, a lighter rug can create a balanced and appealing look if your walls are dark. You can also match your rug with wall art and decor for a more cohesive look.

Ultimately, the choice comes down to your unique preferences and the overall ambience you want to achieve in your space.

How Do You Match a Rug to Decor?

A rug should complement rather than compete with the decor and furniture. Here are a few guidelines on how to choose a rug that has matching colours and patterns:

  • Solid-coloured rugs, like the Lula floor rug, are great with patterned upholstery furniture. Ensure the rug matches the sofa’s and the room’s accent colours. For example, if the sofa and decor elements have a warm colour palette, select a rug that complements these tones.

Rugs hold such a significant role in defining the character and ambience of a space that many interior designers recommend starting the styling process with the selection of a rug.

So, if you’re moving into a new home or looking to refresh your current space, start with the rug, as it will help set the tone and visualise the end result.

We hope these rug decor ideas have inspired you on which direction to take when selecting a rug for your home. Explore our floor rugs for sale or find more home decor inspo here.