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Commercial Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a practical answer for those wanting a flooring solution that is cost effective, easy, fast and stylish. They can be laid over existing flooring without the need for underlay.

If you have an awkward shaped room, carpet tiles could be the answer. They are also popular for their easy-maintaining nature, and if one gets damaged, the whole floor doesn’t need redoing.

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Why Carpet Tiles?

Versatility is a good word to describe carpets. New carpet can make a room warmer or cooler, cosier or more spacious, formal or relaxed. It can be the focal point of the room or blend into the background.

Visual impact is not the only benefit of carpets, there are many reasons to choose a carpet tiles for your business:

Noise Reduction

Carpets absorb and reduce household noises produced by footsteps, items dropped and chair legs scraped across a floor.


Due to the insulating effect of carpet, less heat is lost through the floor compared with hard flooring.


Carpets provide a safe footing surface as it is not slippery and provides a soft landing in case of falls. Wall-to-wall carpets also remove trip hazards caused by rugs and mats.

Our Team Does It All

We have our own installation team which means we can ensure quality service through the project - delivered on time and on budget.

Simple Process

We can work with you either on-site or from architectural drawings. We will assess your flooring situation and any preparation needed, and recommend options for your project. We can even project manage to make the whole process stress free.

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