Sheet vinyl flooring is the Kiwi classic for a cost-effective, low-maintenance and easy to clean flooring solution. Modern sheet vinyl flooring is beautifully designed to mimic your favourite premium flooring types. Discover timber-look, concrete-look and tile-look vinyl sheet flooring to achieve your desired look and feel in your home or business.


As the name suggests, vinyl sheet flooring is sold in rolls that are laid, cut and affixed to the subfloor. This flooring option is flexible and somewhat soft, making it somewhat more comfortable underfoot compared to truer hard flooring. This also means it’s resistant to dirt, scratches, stains and punctures. With minimal seam lines, vinyl sheet flooring is incredibly easy to clean and its waterproof surface means your subfloor is nearly impervious to moisture and spills.


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  • Monaco

    Looking for something a bit different? Monaco has something unique for any home. To view available options please click the link below. Monaco datasheet.pdf 2m & 4m Wide Vinyl
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  • Nova

    Super modern, but timeless designs to create the look you desire in your home. You’ll find a great selection of effects and styles to suit your needs and creative flair. To view available options please click the link below. … Read More
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  • Select

    A classic range of tile and granite designs to create a crisp, clean and contemporary feel in your home. You’ll be able to stand back and enjoy this great looking vinyl flooring. To view available options please click the link … Read More
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  • Select Titanium

    Quality vinyl flooring that looks great and performs wells. This vinyl range is inspired by current lifestyle trends, adding a personal touch to your home. This slip resistant vinyl is heavy duty, available in 2m or 3m wide and is … Read More
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  • Wizzart

    These contemporary patterns add a touch of class while working with almost any room. To view available options please click the link below. Wizzart datasheet.pdf 2m & 4m Wide
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  • Bubblegum

    Fun and funky, liven things up with this modern and fresh range to achieve a sense of simplicity and space in your home. This vinyl is quiet and soft to walk on and comes in a variety of patterns, styles … Read More
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  • Zenith

    A striking range of vinyl with modern timbers, clean cut tiles and trending over all designs that will look good in any home. The vinyl is easy to clean and is available in 2 and 3m wide. Simply put, this … Read More
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