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  • Euro 3 & 2.5 Seater in CAT 20 Alpha Leather

    Come in, sit down, rest and enjoy the comfort and style of the Euro. With its curved wide arms, detailed stitching and soft inviting cushioning, the Euro introduces a modern aesthetic to your living space. Pair with the stylish Rolf … Read More
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  • Fiordland 3 + 2.5 Seater in CAT 66 Leather

    The Fiordland Recliner from Domani is a traditional piece that provides classic style and luxurious comfort. The Domani range encompasses leading edge design that reflects today’s popular fashion and flair. These designs are produced by some of Europe’s top designers … Read More
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  • Nash 3.5 & 2.5 Seater in CAT 64 Leather

    The Nash lounge 3 Seater Sofa in fabric is Influenced by the American Mid-Century Modernist Movement. The American Mid-Century Modernist Movement of the 1950s-60s focused on function teamed seamlessly with form and was fed by the International and Bauhaus movements. … Read More
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