Find luxurious triexta carpets in Taranaki at RJ Eagar. We’ve been serving the Taranaki region from our New Plymouth and Stratford stores for over 70 years, and are so excited to bring this cutting edge synthetic fibre to you.

Triexta is a modern carpet fibre boasting a huge range of benefits. Made partially from renewable sourced natural polymers as a byproduct of corn production, triexta is a more eco-friendly synthetic carpet fibre. It’s also inherently stain-resistant without the need for any coating as well as being non-absorbent to prevent the build-up of mould or mildew. Triexta is a budget-friendly luxurious carpet fibre with a dense pile and incredibly soft feel.

To experience triexta carpets for yourself, visit RJ Eagar in New Plymouth or Stratford, or browse our range of triexta carpets online.

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