Luxaflex® Woodmates® Venetian Blinds give you all the visual benefits of natural wood Venetians, but they’re better suited to environments that have high humidity, moisture, heat or sun. They’re also more cost-effective than wooden blinds and easier to look after.

Available in 50mm and 63mm slats.

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Highly durable
Woodmates® Venetian Blinds are made from Polyresin, so they will not blister, peel, flake, corrode or fade. Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, they’re also great for kids rooms and play areas.

UV Resistant 
While heat and ultraviolet light will eventually damage and fade natural wood, Woodmates® Venetian Blinds maintain their colour and integrity for many, many years.

Cost effective
High-quality Woodmates® Venetian Blinds cost about 10% less than organic wood Venetians, so your home improvement budget will go a good deal further

Easy care 
Simply dust Woodmates® Venetian Blinds with the vacuum cleaner brush attachment or wipe with a damp cloth. The outside surface material goes all the way through, so it won’t wear away.

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