Made from special fabric that has a metallised backing for superior heat reflectance, Luxaflex® Pleated Blinds give your windows a crisply tailored look. You can select a Sheer or Opaque fabric, or combine two fabric choices for a Day-Night solution.

Our Options

Contemporary aesthetic 
Horizontal pleats have a neatly tailored appearance that’s beautifully compatible with residential and commercial contemporary architecture.

As well as the standard up/down configuration, you can choose top-down/bottom-up shades for greater control, or day-night shades that incorporate a sheer for the day and opaque for the night.

Superior insulation
Fabric with a metallised backing helps to keep your home cool in summer by reflecting the heat back out the window. Fabrics are vacuum bonded to ensure a consistent external appearance.

Pleated Blinds can be fitted to irregular windows, such as triangles, arches and skylights. Three levels of fabric transparency allow you to choose the best solution for each room.

Operating Systems