Simple and stylish, Luxaflex® Aluminium Venetian Blinds provide a timeless design to suit most interior styles. In just seconds you can effortlessly control light and shade, ventilation and privacy.

Manufactured from up to 97% recycled material, Luxaflex® Aluminium Venetian Blinds are an Eco-friendly light control solution.

Our Options

Child safety   
The Luxaflex® Aluminium Venetian Blind range is available with a unique stylish BreakThruCord Connector which is designed to break apart should weight or pressure be applied.

Easy care  
Caring for your Aluminium Venetian Blinds is easy. Simply close the slats and then dust them with a feather duster, soft-haired brush or soft cloth. If stains are stubborn, it is best to clean them with a damp cloth. You can also use a vacuum cleaner at the lowest setting. Another option is to gently spray-clean larger surfaces and then allow them to dry well. Having your blinds cleaned by a professional cleaning service is always an option.

Specialty shapes   
Aluminium Venetians can be made to fit angled windows with sloping top and sloping bottom options available in both 25mm and 50mm slats.

In-between glass   
Luxaflex® Aluminium Venetian Blinds can fit between the glass panels of some double glazed windows. Providing superior energy efficiency, blinds can be adjusted with a Tilt Control Knob or Remote Control.

Operating Systems

Somfy® Automation 
Hard-wired automation using a 240V motor integrated in the Headrail. Controlled by a Wall Switch or Remote Control. The cone mechanism ensures that the Blinds always remain perfectly horizontal while they are being raised and lowered. Can be wired into Home Automation Systems.

Child Safe

Suitable for: All Somfy controlled products. Roller Blinds, Sunscreens, Venetian Blinds, Awnings

Automated tilt/raise and auto-tilt
The Blind is operated by a built in Electric Motor. There is a choice of switches, group operation, Infrared Remote, Radio Remote or Solar Control. 50mm Blinds are operated by 240V Motors. Auto Tilt option allows you to adjust the operation of the slat only with a Battery-operated Motor and Remote.