Vertical Blinds are a contemporary way to control light, solar heat and privacy in your home or work environment. They are great for dressing large areas of glass, such as floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors. The Vertical Blades can be adjusted to provide screening without blocking the view.

Available in two Operating System options, Luxaflex® EOS Helix Vertical Blinds provide a graphic element to interior style. They give the impression of height, which accentuates the sense of light and space in feature rooms.

Our Options

Vertical Blinds offer several different stack options which allows them to work in almost any room. These include left & right stack, split stack, and centre stack.

Light control 
By adjusting the blades, you can have exactly the amount of light and privacy control you need. 200° closure ensures complete Blackout for night-time.

Specialty shapes   
Vertical blinds always hang straight down, so they can be used with angled window shapes. For architecturally designed homes and workplaces with unique window features, Luxaflex® Vertical Blinds are an intelligent light and privacy control solution.

Space saving
Vertical blinds will not reduce headroom on sliding and French doors, because they stack vertically. To allow doors to be used, blinds can be easily retracted. When retracted, the stacked blades occupy minimal space, so that views are maximised.

Operating System