We’re proud to offer New Plymouth and Taranaki our extensive range of custom-made curtains and drapes that use only the highest quality fabrics.
We stock world leading fabric brands such as James Dunlop, Maurice Kain, Warwick, Charles Parsons and more, for you to choose from.

Get Inspiration at our Stores
See samples of all our curtain and drapery fabric ranges at our New Plymouth and Stratford stores. Touch, feel, test, try, combine, and contrast.
You can take samples home, try them over your windows throughout the day as the light changes, and see how they look with your furniture. Choose the perfect colour and texture, find the balance of transparency that you need to filter the light in the room, and customize your own unique solution.

Free Consult, Measure and Quote
Our expert team will analyse your situation and advise on the fabric and curtain style that best suits your needs and budget. We will take care of the measurement, delivery, and installation process, so you won’t need to do anything else but enjoy the new look of your windows.

Heading Styles

Pencil Pleat

The fabric on Pencil Pleat curtains is tightly gathered to create a semi-cylindrical heading that resembles a line of pencils. From the close pleats of the header, the fabric tumbles freely to the floor.

Single Pleat

Single pleat curtains have a single pinch pleat secured at even intervals along the heading, resulting in a clean, contemporary look without much gather. They are made to a fixed width to perfectly fit your curtain track.

Dutch Pleat

Dutch pleat curtains have a double pinch pleat secured at even intervals along the heading. This has a similar look to the Single Pleat but with more fullness. They are made to a fixed width to perfectly fit your curtain track

French Pleat

The French pleat is a classic drapery heading with a triple pinch pleat secured at even intervals along the heading, resulting in a very plush, full look. It creates a sleek header for a curtain that controls fullness while allowing the curtain full functionality.

Wave Pleat

The wave heading is the most casual and relaxed style of curtains and looks beautiful in any fabric. It is a perfect option for natural fabrics like linen but it also flatters large patterns as the heading is uninterrupted.

Inverted Pleat

Inverted pleated curtains have the fullness of the pleat on the back of the drape which creates a flat drapery face suitable for contemporary interior design. Box pleated drapes are typically stationary panels with clean, unbroken lines that are wonderful in silk, a lightweight velvet and everything in between. Suitable for all window types. Installed on the outside of frame.


Tab top curtains feature exposed loops of fabric along the top.  These wrap around the rail and support the weight of the curtain, for a vintage feel.  Tab tops have been around for a while, long predating the invention of modern track systems, and for this reason they are a great match for older properties. 


Eyelet curtains have metal rings fitted to the top of the curtain which means they can be hung easily on curtain rods. This heading style slides onto a rod with no gathering required, which helps to create beautiful even pleats. suitable for all window types. There are several colours and eyelet sizes are available ranging from 8mm to 40mm.


We stock a huge range of drapery hardware that offers a modern-day twist with a traditional feel, these timeless designs blend seamlessly into today’s contemporary European influenced interior design styles.

Our functional curtain tracks and decorative curtain rods are all made to measure. Which model to choose, depends on the effect you would like to achieve. Within our Curtain track collection, you find motorised solutions, straight and curved tracks, invisible tracks, tracks for light and heavy draperies.