Silhouette® Shadings have two layers of Translucent or Room Darkening fabric separated by a series of floating, soft fabric vanes. When Vanes are closed the shades provide privacy and 99% UV protection. When Vanes are open the shades diffuse the light, giving the room a soft glow.

Our Options

Point of Difference
Silhouette® Shadings are a Luxaflex invention that can give your home a special point of difference. They are especially well-suited to living and office areas.

Vane size 
The 50mm size provides a classic, understated look. The 65mm and 75mm sizes make a bolder design statement and add drama to any window.

Heat reflection
The white backing reduces heat transmission while you maintain a soft-focus view when vanes are open.

Superior UV protection
All Silhouette® fabrics protect furnishings and artworks from UV fading and damage. When closed they provide 99% UV protection.

Operating Systems