The concept of Honeycomb Cellular Construction is taken to the ultimate with Duette® Architella® Shades; three internal air pockets for high-performance window insulation. When Duette® Architella® Shades go up, power bills come down.

Our Options

Energy efficiency
A fully recessed, reveal-mounted Duette® Architella® Shades can increase the R-value of a 3mm single glazed window from 0.13 to 0.78, reducing heat transfer by 83%. Independent modelling has shown that this, in turn, can reduce an average home’s heating costs by up to 43.3%.

Configuration options 
As well as the standard Up/Down configuration, you can choose Top-Down/Bottom-Up shades or Day-Night shades that incorporate a Sheer for the day and Blockout for the night.

Sound control  
Because of their cellular construction, Duette® Architella® Shades help reduce the transmission of noise by breaking up internal sound waves, therefore reducing the amount of sound reflection internally, resulting in a lower noise floor, improving the noise quality in the environment.

Beautiful fabrics   
Duette® Architella® Shades have an exclusive range of Blockout and Translucent fabrics. These fabrics are highly regarded by interior designers, for both residential and commercial applications.

Operating Systems

Powerview® Automation for Duette® Shades
An innovative wireless operating system that can automatically control and power Duette® Shades. Adding flexible scheduling functionality and operation via remote, smart device (app) and voice control (with third party integration), PowerView® unlocks greater convenience, energy efficiencies, security and child safety from Duette® Shades. With three power options to pick from, including battery-powered via AA battery wand, long-life PV Lithium-Ion external battery pack or simple plug-in DC transformer, Duette’s are simple to operate and maintain.

Child Safe

Suitable for: Duette® Shades, Duette® Architella® Shades

Powerview® Automation Hub
The PowerView® Hub connects with the PowerView® App to allow control of PowerView® Automated Window Coverings from Mobile Devices. The Hub can also integrate with Home Automation Systems via IP or cloud-to-cloud integration.

Comes with the initial PowerView® Hub pack.

Suitable for: Duette® Shades, Silhouette® Shadings, Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Please see in-store for more operating system options.