Best Engagement Gift Ideas For Kiwi Couples About To Tie The Knot

Your bestie or best mate just announced their engagement and invited you to the party, and now you’re wondering, “Do you give a gift at an engagement party?” Well, the answer is a resounding yes! This is a chance for you to show your support and share in their joy.

The next question is, “What do you get someone for an engagement gift?”. This is where we come in. Our giftware collection offers a fantastic blend of homeware and accessories that include on-trend decor pieces, comfy throws and cushions, breathtaking artwork, and so much more! We’ve carefully handpicked seven amazing engagement gift ideas from this collection that your newly engaged friends will forever treasure.

And what’s more, we’ve also answered a few big questions about buying engagement gifts, like “How much do I spend?”, “What’s a classic Kiwi gift” and more, so you’ll have all the information you need to pick out the perfect gift.

7 Creative and Practical Engagement Gift Ideas

Clocks for Timeless Love

When it comes to celebrating enduring love, our elegant clock collection speaks volumes. A beautiful clock symbolises the couple’s timeless commitment.

Consider options like this antique-style Kensington clock or this modern Leo Wall Clock.

Pots and Vases for Blooming Romance

These exquisite items not only add beauty but also symbolise the growth of their relationship. Check out our vase range, which includes delicate ceramic and glass vases.

Home Decor Ornaments that Spark Joy

Personalising their new home is easy with our exquisite home decor ornaments. These little treasures spark joy and make a house feel like a home.

Browse through our collection to find unique ornaments that resonate with the couple’s personalities.

Artwork to Inspire Love and Creativity

Wall art is a much-valued engagement gift, but be sure to pick something that matches their aesthetic.
Our captivating wall art pieces come in a range of styles, from modern abstract paintings to classic landscapes, stunning sculptures and edgy prints.

Cushions and Throws for Cosy Evenings

Create cosy evenings for the happy couple with our comfortable cushions and throws. Choose from a variety of styles and colours to suit their taste.

Serveware for Memorable Meals

Elevate their entertaining game with our stylish serveware. Our range includes exquisite platters, drink dispensers, and gorgeous cheeseboards.

Buying Engagement Gifts in New Zealand for 2023 – 2024: Your Questions Answered

What is a good gift to celebrate an engagement?

A good engagement gift is one that celebrates the couple’s love and suits their style. Consider timeless gifts like a wooden cheeseboard, stunning artwork, an elegant candleholder with scented candles or a home decor ornament that matches their home’s aesthetic.

What is a traditional Kiwi engagement party gift?

In New Zealand, traditional engagement gifts often include wine, cash or items for the couple’s future home, such as homeware, artwork, or decorative pieces.

How much should you spend on engagement gifts in New Zealand?

The amount you spend on an engagement gift in New Zealand can vary based on your relationship with the couple and your budget. It’s the thought that counts. But on average, it can be between $75 to $100.

Wrap-Up: Key Points On Buying Engagement Gifts in New Zealand

  • The seven engagement gift ideas are clocks, pots and vases, home decor ornaments, artwork, cushions and throws, candles and candle holders, and serveware.
  • For an extra special touch, select items that match the couple’s personalities or home aesthetic.
  • A classic Kiwi engagement gift includes wine, cash or items for their future home.
  • The avg. amount to spend on an engagement gift is $75 to $100, but you can totally get something that costs less – it’s the thought that counts!

We hope engagement gift shopping becomes much easier with this gift guide. Check out more of our gift guides here or explore our online homeware and accessories collection here. Have fun at the engagement party!