How To Arrange Cushions Like An Interior Designer

There’s an art to arranging cushions on a sofa: you need to balance colours, textures, sizes and placement to get that perfect mix of comfort, style and practicality. Here’s how the team at RJ Eagar, home of cushions, throws, and everything home décor, has perfected the art of cushion arrangement.

1. Arranging Cushions 2-1

With the 2-1 arrangement, you can create an appealing sofa setup with just three cushions. Place two cushions at one end of the couch: one larger solid colour cushion as the base and a slightly smaller one in front. Put the third cushion at the opposite end of the sofa.

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There are a few ways to try this arrangement:

  • For a more relaxed appearance, pick cushions that match or closely resemble the sofa’s colour. Eg. Emerald green, mustard yellow, navy blue, burnt orange or red cushions pair well with a grey sofa.
  • For a livelier and visually stimulating setup, go for bold geometric patterns in contrasting colours to the sofa.
  • If you prefer a minimalistic look, opt for cushions in soft, muted tones or pastel hues.

2. Balanced cushion arrangement

For a balanced cushion arrangement, place two large base cushions, two slightly smaller ones overlapping the outer cushions, and an extra cushion in the centre to achieve a nice, finished look.

You can get creative with different colours, patterns, and textures to create a visually appealing layered look.

3. Double-sided cushion arrangement

For this double-sided cushion arrangement, position two big cushions (about 55cm x 55cm) at either end. Then, add small cushions (about 45cm x 45cm) beside the larger ones.

Combine cushions with intricate patterns and plain, solid ones for a relaxed and balanced appearance.

To give your sofa a stylish and contemporary feel, use two identical cushions to achieve symmetry without overcrowding it.

4. Arranging Cushions in a Trio

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If you like lots of cushions but don’t want a cluttered look, arrange cushions in threes on either side. You have the flexibility to use a variety of colours, patterns, and textures as long as each pair complements the other. Start with your largest decorative cushions at the back and then move inward, adding pairs of smaller cushions as you go.

How many cushions should you put on a sofa?

Too many cushions can make your space look cluttered and the sofa less comfortable. For a two- or three-seater sofa, three cushions are the recommended amount. If your sofa is larger, you can have more cushions. For example, a large corner sofa could accommodate six or more cushions.

Why do people chop cushions?

The karate chop technique can make your cushions appear comfier. It gives them a plumper and softer look. Whether you use the cushions for sitting or decoration, they should look snuggly and lush.

How can I mix and match different cushion patterns?

It’s all about balance! Mix large-scale patterns with smaller designs, and vary the colours – don’t be afraid to experiment. Remember, RJ Eagar’s cushion collection provides abundant options for eclectic or harmonised styling.

Recap of Arranging Cushions

  • For the 2-1 Arrangement, use three cushions – two solid colour cushions at one end and one at the opposite end. Incorporate subtle patterns or match it to the sofa’s colour to create a relaxed or bolder look.
  • The Balanced Cushion Arrangement utilises two large base cushions, two slightly smaller ones overlapping the outer cushions and an extra cushion in the centre.
  • For the Double-Sided Cushion Arrangement, place two big cushions (about 55cm x 55cm) at either end and add small cushions (about 45cm x 45cm) beside them. Combine detailed patterns with plain ones to give it a balanced feel.
  • When looking for how many cushions to put on a sofa, use three for a two or three-seater sofa, while larger sofas can have up to six or more, depending on size. To further make your cushions appear comfier and plumper, try using the karate chop technique.

We hope these techniques have given you the inspiration to turn your sofa and lounge area into a stylish retreat using cushions. Explore our collection of cushions and throws here or click here to find more home decor inspo.