How to Fit Furniture in A Small Bedroom

New Zealand homes are getting smaller and smaller. Higher costs and limited availability of land are driving Kiwis to opt for smaller spaces. Decorating these small spaces can be quite challenging as you need to make them look stylish and functional at the same time or risk living in a cramped space.

Bedrooms are the hardest to decorate out of all small spaces, as the bed takes up most of the space. But with careful planning and practical placement, you can make your small bedroom appear larger than it is and feel cosy without being cramped.

Read on to see how you can fit furniture in a small bedroom and see some pieces from our collection that will do wonders for small spaces.

Here are three ways that you can fit furniture in a small bedroom while making the most of your space.

How to maximise your space with smart storage options 

Small rooms mean a limited wall and floor space, so getting creative with storage is a must. 

Choose multi-functional furniture like the Casablanca Queen Bed with built-in drawers. To shop more beds in New Plymouth and Stratford, browse through our collection here.

The drop leaf table made in New Zealand is another great example of multi-functional furniture. You can use it as a bedside table and expand it to use as a desk or console when you need to.

Go for headboards with shelves. The original use of a headboard is to prevent heads from getting too cold, however, in modern times, headboards are mostly used for aesthetic appeal and comfort.

Create an illusion to make your space look bigger

Use mirrors to trick the eyes. Mirrors can make your small bedroom look bigger and more open. This is more effective in dress mirrors like the ones shown here.

Use clever lighting: Instead of cramping your bedside table with a table lamp, choose a minimalistic floor lamp like the one shown below. 

Keep Furniture in Scale. Scale furniture to match the size of the room. Larger pieces of furniture should be placed against the walls to expand the open space and make the bedroom look bigger. A small room doesn’t necessarily mean small furniture- find pieces that match in scale and complement each other like furniture sets from our Cosmos range.

Stick to a limited colour palette

White is the best colour for small bedrooms, but if you’re not a fan of it, opt for neutral colours or softer tones of light blues, pinks and greens. Light colours are more reflective making the bedroom look bigger, while dark shades absorb light and make the space look smaller.  

Our Casablanca range is a great example of coordinating light shades blues and greens with off white and wood.

Shop bedroom furniture sets at RJ Eagar

If you’re looking for more bedroom furniture for a small space, browse through our bedroom collection here, or pop by our New Plymouth and Stratford stores. 

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