Top 10 Home Decor Styling Themes in New Zealand Right Now

Home decor themes and trends come and go like the tides, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on fresh design ideas for your home!

If you want to give your home a makeover with the latest looks and styles but have no clue where to start – then you’ve landed in just the right place.

We’ve been in the home decorating and furnishing business for the past 70 years and are proudly NZ-owned and operated. So, we know more than a thing or two about home decor trends and what New Zealand likes and does not like. 

That’s why we’ve carefully curated a list of the top 10 trends to help you transform your home into something fresh and new!

So, let’s get started!

10 Home Decor Styles Trending in New Zealand in 2024

1. Art Deco Home Decor Theme

Art Deco Home Decor Style

Art Deco is an interior design style that was popularized in Paris in 1925. It is heavily inspired by the bold and flashy elements of The Great Gatsby from the 1920s.

Features of art deco style include,

Art Deco is both dramatic and sophisticated, combining artistic expression with unique and exotic touches.

How to easily style art deco theme in your home

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2. Bohemian-style home decor

Bohemian Style Home Decor Style

Like something more relaxed? Boho interior design is the perfect fit. Deliberately messy, this style draws from around the world and has a warm atmosphere.

Elements of the Bohemian theme include,

  • A mix of materials from natural to metal
  • Warm purples and reds
  • Lots of cosy pillows, rugs and blankets
  • Beads, tassels, macrame and crocheted curtains

How to easily style the Bohemian theme in your home

3. Classical or Traditional Home Decor Style

Classical Home Decor Style

During the 17th-19th centuries, Europe experienced a revival of the classic style in art, music, literature and architecture.

Over the years, this made its way to New Zealand, where we put our own spin on the classic look. And today, Kiwis who prefer a classic, well-structured look tend to appreciate the beauty of traditional designs, such as:-

  • Ornate frames
  • Heavy drapes
  • Intricate woodwork
  • Stone, marble or bronze busts and sculptures
  • Elaborate chandeliers or lamps

How to easily style the classic European theme in your home

4. Contemporary Home Decor Theme

Contemporary Home Decor Style

People often mix up modern and contemporary interior design. To help keep them straight, modern is associated with a particular period, while contemporary is focused on today’s styles, here and now.

So. if you’re looking to keep up with the times, focus on trendy contemporary decor elements such as,

  • Light, cool shades of white, grey, and blonde with small pops of colour
  • Clean, curved lines
  • Natural materials
  • Stark contrasts

How to easily style the modern, contemporary theme in your home

5. Japandi Style Home Decor

Japan + Scandi + Japandi! Japandi style amalgamates Japanese and Scandinavian design, combining the two worlds into a single aesthetic.

Its core principles are drawn from Japanese concepts like wabi-sabi and Scandinavian ideas such as hygge. To create calming and welcoming living spaces, Japandi style focuses on,

  • Clean lines
  • Natural elements
  • Bright spaces
  • Neutral colours

How to easily style the Japandi theme in your home

6. Classic Kiwi Farmhouse Style

Kiwi Farmhouse Style Home Decor

Inspired by the rural farmhouses of New Zealand, the classic Kiwi Farmhouse style combines rustic charm with modern comfort and minimalism.

It is defined by its practicality and cosy elements like:

  • Wooden floors or walls
  • Hearth-style fireplaces
  • Plaid patterns and softened colours
  • Exposed timbers and beams
  • Vintage furniture

How to easily style the classic Kiwi farmhouse theme in your home

7. Mid-Century Style Home Decor

Mid-Century Style Home Decor

Mid-century modern is not just practical but also charming and full of personality. 

It draws on the nostalgia of the 1950s and 60s with simple designs that are still full of enjoyable retro touches.

Key features of the Mid-Century style are:

  • Function over ornament
  • Simple geometric lines instead of ornate frills
  • Constant use of teak and oak
  • Use of glass, metal, and vinyl
  • Bold accent colours

How to easily style the Mid-Century theme in your home

8. Hollywood Glam Home Decor Style

Hollywood Glam Home Decor Style

This interior style is perfect for people who want to make a bold impression.

Hollywood glam is luxurious and extravagant, featuring furniture and decorations such as,

  • Velvet
  • Metals
  • Vibrant colours like red, purple, and blue.

To bring the look together, try adding,

  • A glamorous carpet or rug
  • sequinned pillows and cushions
  • bold lighting around the house.

How to easily style the Hollywood Glam theme in your home

9. Minimalism Home Decor Style

Minimalism Home Decor Style

Minimalism is known for open layouts, lots of natural light, and useful furniture, and it emphasises the shape, hue and texture of only a few vital components.

It often incorporates,

  • An uncomplicated style
  • Straight lines
  • Usually neutral colour scheme with a few pops of colour

How to easily style the minimalism theme in your home

10. Rustic Home Decor

This home decor style takes inspiration from the outdoors but in a more comfortable way.

Often seen in trendy cafes and eateries, rustic style can easily add this style to your own home by incorporating elements such as,

  • Reclaimed wood
  • Rough stones
  • Textured, organic textiles such as canvas, burlap, wool, linen, jute and sisal 
  • Vintage collectibles

How to easily style the rustic theme in your home

Those were the 10 hottest interior styles that you could add to your home. Whether you’re looking for something contemporary and sophisticated or more rustic and outdoorsy, there are plenty of options to choose from!

Now let’s look at a few FAQS people usually have when decorating their home.

Quick FAQS on Home Decor Styling

How do I choose a home decor theme?

  1. Think about your lifestyle, preferences, design elements that inspire you and start from there. It’s important to remember that the goal is to create a space that reflects your personality and makes you feel comfortable.
  2. Take your home’s location into consideration. Ex: if your home is by the beach go for light, neutral colour tones. If you live in a city apartment, you can consider a more modern, industrial-type decor theme.
  3. Make sure your decor style compliments your architecture. Ex: if your home is a 1920’s style villa with wooden floors and high ceilings, the classic Kiwi farmhouse style would be a great option.

How can I decorate my new house on a budget?

  1. Plan and prioritize – make a plan to decorate each room, over time and not all at once
  2. Repurpose what you already have
  3. Go green by adding plants – artificial plants or real ones they both work well
  4. Replace old light fixtures
  5. Shop antiques and secondhand sales- check out RJ Eagar’s secondhand store
  6. Have a housewarming registry – send your friends and fam this list of 20 Unique Housewarming Gifts for NZ Homeowners for inspiration!

What decorating trends are out?

  • All-whites and greys – embrace the colourful life
  • Dark metal features
  • Matching furniture sets
  • Animal prints
  • Word art – no more live, love, laugh please!
  • Nautical motifs

We hope this article has been helpful in figuring out the best interior style for your home. Don’t forget to check out RJ Eagar’s wide selection of furniture and home decor items that can help you create the perfect look for your home. Happy decorating!