11 Useful Gift Ideas for Husbands

Finding a gift for the significant man in your life takes some careful thought. What is the best gift for husbands who like to keep it practical? From entertaining guests to getting a good night’s sleep, RJ Eagar has gifts for every purpose.

A useful gift for your husband tells him that he’s your number one and you know what makes him tick. The perfect gift for your husband will make his life easier and remind him that you care.

Finding the perfect gift for men can sometimes be a challenge, but there are plenty of options to choose from depending on the man’s interests and personality.

It can something personal, like a customized photo frame or a special book. Additionally, if your man enjoys hobbies such as cooking or gardening, you could consider buying specialised tools or equipment that can enhance their hobby.

Ultimately, the key to finding the perfect gift for men is to consider their individual tastes and preferences, and to put some thought into the selection process.

RJ Eagar has got you covered for exceptional gifts.. Treat your husband on birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day and more. Whatever the occasion, here are 8 unique gifts for husbands in NZ that will keep on giving.

1. Gifts for Husbands who Entertain Guests

Cheese board

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It’s simple and classy for a man who loves to entertain. The wood cheese board makes for a stylish serving platter and is well priced at $94.

The wood cheese board is a great anniversary gift for husbands. Gifted with love, it is a reminder at every social gathering that your house isn’t just a venue, it’s a home.

2. A Gift for Husbands who Love Wine

Aluminium wine cooler

A wine-loving husband will adore this answer to chilled wine. Combining function and beauty, this wine bucket is perfect to mark significant milestones.

At $425, it’s priced to show your commitment. As a more expensive gift for husbands, it will take pride of place in the home for years to come. Whether 30 year or 40th anniversary gift ideas for husbands, gifts like this stay timeless forever.

Shop Wine Cooler online as a gift for your husband to enjoy champagne with this good-sized rustic wine cooler.

3. Gifts for a Husband who Reads

Gymnastic Man Bookends

Any man with a few books could use support from these fun characters that get the job done. If your husband is a reader, this useful birthday gift will support his work or interests with style. Priced at $135, these bookends combine function and flair.

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4. Gifts for practical husbands

Leather revitaliser

A truly practical husband will appreciate a gift he can put to regular use. This leather conditioning formula does the job and tells the most pragmatic man that you care.

While not glamorous, products like leather revitaliser make for spontaneous, everyday gifts for husbands dedicated to maintaining their precious possessions. Priced at $49, the leather revitaliser gives practicality at good value.

5. Gifts for husbands who play board games

Marble Chess Set

Downtime is an important part of life, so give your husband the gift of time well-spent on a classic game of strategy.
What is the best birthday gift for husbands who like to exercise their minds? For $375, this timeless marble chess board marks a significant milestone in style.

Order this exquisite gift for your husband to enjoy game nights with his mates!

6. A Gift for a Husband who likes Gardening

Trowel Fork and Rake Set

The best birthday gift ideas for husbands who like time spent at home, working on the garden. This elegant wood handled trowel, fork and rake set ensures your husband will feel appreciated as he goes about his day.

These tools are a cut above the rest with their smooth design. At $74, they are worth the price tag for extra quality and charm.

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7. A Sophisticated Gift for a Husband

Globe on a stand

This masculine metallic globe adds a touch of class to your man’s life. It’s a great gift for husbands in New Zealand who love to travel and stay connected with the world.

 Whether for travel inspiration or fond backpacking memories, give your husband a useful gift that really takes him places. Priced at $199, this globe gives you the journey without all the costs.

8. Gifts for a Husband with a Sweet Tooth

Heart-shaped cake stand

It’s simple, it’s functional, and it says I love you. At $136, this cake stand is an asset to the home and serves as a reminder of the love you both share…for each other and the sweet things in life.
Loaded up with cupcakes or other treats, this is the best valentine gift for husbands with a sweet tooth.

9. An Ornamental Gift for a Husband

Antique Silver Gear Clock

Useful anniversary gift ideas for husbands can be intricate and appealing too. This unique clock serves a purpose by keeping time, all without sacrificing ornamental value.

This fascinating clock is priced at $255. Tell your husband you’ll always make time for each other with this amazing gift.

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10. A Gift for a Sentimental Husband

Photo frame

It’s a small token of your love that can brighten up any room. Fit this gold picture frame with a special memory or a significant milestone moment.

This photo frame is a great value gift at $25 but will remain as a constant reminder of your love. This is a great valentine’s day gift for husbands who appreciate just having you there.

11. Gifts for Husbands who Love to Sleep

Gel Contour Pillow

However he likes to spend the day, every man’s got to sleep. The Ikara Gel Contour Pillow brings true comfort when it matters most.

What’s are sweet gifts for my new husband to show I care? A luxurious pillow or other sleep comforts to keep you both living the dream. The $69 price tag is conservative for quality sleep.