NZ Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2023 – 2024

When Father’s Day comes around, you want to show love and appreciation for the dad who’s always been there. Finding the perfect gift can be tricky. 

What are some of the best online father’s day gifts? RJ Eagar has a great range of father’s day gifts online NZ locals can order for every kind of dad. Our range includes everything from serious to silly, from useful to sweet.

If you’re unsure what to buy for Father’s Day gifts, RJ Eager can get you started. First, think about your dad’s personality and the ways he likes to spend his time. It’s also helpful to reflect on the relationship you share.

Is your closeness based on shared experiences or deep conversation? Do you have the same hobbies or sense of humour?

Your dad will no doubt love and appreciate any gift from his kid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t aim high. Our gifts at RJ Eagar can inspire you to think outside the box and give your dad an extra special Father’s Day.

If you’re stuck on what to gift on Father’s Day, here are 6 Father’s Day gift ideas to show your dad how much you care.

Where can I find unique Father’s Day gifts?

RJ Eagar has inspiration for thoughtful Father’s Day gifts that are special and different. You don’t have to do the same thing year after year.

For a unique gift, think outside the box. The gift is something that will spark joy and build your connection with your dad.

How can I get easy Father’s Day Gifts?

RJ Eagar lets you shop online, so you can plan the perfect Father’s Day from the comfort of your home. Just browse to select the best gift for fathers, or check out our suggestions below.

Father’s Day comes around fast and can catch you unawares.Shopping online means you don’t have to schedule time to rush to the store.

Buy online early and just wait for the gift to arrive. Don’t get stuck looking for last minute Father’s Day gifts NZ wide.

Great Father’s Day gifts should also be low maintenance. RJ Eagar’s gift range offers something for every kind of dad, so that you take your pick and let the gift do the talking.

Useful Father’s Day Gifts

1. Gifts for a Dad who Loves to Cook

Azure Oil Bottle

This elegant oil bottle will be right at home in your dad’s kitchen. It’s a practical, everyday item that will keep this Father’s Day in his mind every time he gets use out of it. At only $15.90, the Azure Oil Bottle is a great budget gift for a practical dad.

Shop Practical Father’s Day Gifts Online

3. Gifts for a Punctual Dad

Red Clock

A dad who likes being on time will love this useful gift. This red-framed clock with Roman numerals adds a nice little touch to any room.

Priced at $45 it’s a compact little clock that will complement the space and help your dad keep an eye on the time. The best thing about useful Father’s Day gifts is that he’ll always think of you.

Buy Useful Father’s Day Gifts

Father’s Day Gifts to Remind him of You

A fantastic Father’s Day gift makes your dad’s life better, but it also speaks from your heart. Giving a gift sends a message to say you’re thinking of him, and he’ll be reminded every time he sees it.

Choose a gift that captures your personality and represents the bond you share. Check out our top 2 recommendations for Father’s Day gifts with that special touch.

3. A Gift for Dads who like Wine

Felicity Wine Glass

A dad who enjoys relaxing with a drink will make good use of a special wine glass. Even better, buy a pair of wine glasses so that he can relax with company.

This unique wine glass has a simple but elegant design. At $25.50, you can afford to buy a second glass and make a set.

Special Father’s Day Gift for Dad

4. Gifts for a dad who likes decorative designs

Acacia Dragonfly Board

Dads who love decorative pieces will adore this dragonfly printed board. The wood is food safe and can be used as a cutting board. With its rustic finish and leather strap, it can also serve ornamental purposes.. 
This versatile Father’s Day gift is priced at $50. Other variations on this design include the Mango Fish Wooden Board and the Acacia Shell Board.

Father’s Day gifts that bring you closer

If Father’s Day is about celebrating your dad, why not create an opportunity to celebrate together? RJ Eagar has gifts that will help you stay connected and enjoy good times. 

Father’s Day gifts can reflect your personality and represent the special bond you share.

Build on the relationship you already have through more quality time. Here are our top two Father’s Day gifts to help you stay close.

5. Gifts for Dads with a Sense of Humour

Ewe Zealand Book

This book won’t disappoint a guy who loves dad jokes. Packed with humour on every topic, this gift gives your dad the green light to share a laugh and have some fun. Ewe Zealand is a great value buy at $25.

Shop book online for Father’s day Gift

6. A Gift for Dads who Play Board Games

Wooden Tic Tac Toe Board game

The perfect Father’s Day for a dad who loves board games. This gift isn’t just a reminder of your connection, it’s an invitation for more time spent together.

With a price tag of $98, this is no ordinary game set. It comes with the added assurance that you’ll never lose the pieces. It’s always ready for another game.

Buy online board game for your dad as a special Father’s Day Gift!

Let RJ Eagar inspire another fantastic Father’s Day for some of the best Father’s Day gift ideas NZ has to offer. Browse our Father’s day gift range online today.