Latest Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Home

Have you been scouring Pinterest and Instagram for wall decor ideas and ended up feeling overwhelmed by the sheer number of options? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Blank empty walls hold endless possibilities for decorating, but here we’ve toned it down to just six ideas that you can effortlessly implement in your living room, kitchen, dining, nursery, hallway and bedrooms.

Before we get to those six ideas, we recommend you take a look at some basics of wall decorating by going through five FAQS, so you can make a better-informed decision on what goes on your walls and how.

How to do Wall Decor?

Find inspiration to style your home with a collection of wall art & mirrors. Choose from a range of prints, photographs & wall mirrors. Read answers to top five questions when planning to decorate your home walls.

What decor can I put on my home wall?

The question is, what can you not put on the walls? There’s a range of things you can do, including

Should you decorate every wall in a room?

A beautiful interior design must have balance in order to be successful. Don’t make the mistake of overdoing it with wall decor. Make room for negative space so the eyes are drawn to other important design elements and architectural features like bay windows, crown mouldings, and fireplaces, to name a few.

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What is the rule of wall decor?

As a general rule, decorate 60% of your wall while leaving 40% unadorned for balance. This guideline still holds true if you hang a painting or picture frames behind your sofa. For the most impact, make sure your painting is about 60% of the width of the sofa.

How do I choose wall decorations?

Here are three tips to take into consideration.

  1. Find the focal point of the room/ space – The focal point of any space is where your gaze naturally lands upon entering. Imagine a large, vibrant piece of abstract wall art gracing the wall above the sofa, bed or console.
  2. Decide on the overall vibe you want
    • For a cosy and calm space – Choose earthy colours and serene wall art. Modern abstract wall art that enhances the calming atmosphere of your room can make a calming statement.
    • For a room full of energy – Look for patterns like stripes, checkerboards, abstract forms, and botanical designs that make you happy and grin. Your guests will be welcomed into a stunning, inviting space that radiates warmth and joy.
  3. Pick a colour palette for the space
    • Choose your wall decor using your room’s colour scheme as a guide. By doing so, you can decide how stark of a contrast you want between the decor pieces and the other elements in the room. 
    • But don’t feel like you need to be too matchy-matchy! If the entire wall in your living room is green, you can add accent colours or strike a balance with neutral or black-and-white artwork.

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How do you decorate a hallway wall?

The best trick to decorating a passageway wall is to group little decorative pieces to make a beautiful visual impression. Begin with hanging a statement mirror and add depth by stacking a small vase, a beautiful picture frame, and a collection of aesthetically-pleasing coffee table books. 

The end effect will be a stunning and welcoming room that will make you happy every time you come in.

Now that we’ve got the basics out of the way, let’s move onto the fun part – wall decor ideas!

6 Aesthetic Wall Decor Ideas For The Modern Kiwi Home

1. Make a Big Impact With Large-Scale Art

Make a big impression in a small space with an oversized painting, photograph or print. It’ll captivate and captivate your senses while setting the perfect tone.

Get the look with these beautiful artworks from RJ Eagar. Click here to see our extensive range of wall art.

2. Create A Gallery Wall

A beautiful gallery wall will add personality and colour to your walls. Combine paintings, photographs, and wall hangings to make a magnificent display. Choose a cohesive simplicity or add ornate frames for extra flair. Take the gallery wall all the way to the ceiling to make your area appear even larger.

Use these pieces to make your own gallery wall,

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3. Use Mirrors As Wall Art

Discover the transformational power of mirrors! They can illuminate small spaces and create the illusion of a larger space. Hang a massive mirror or gather many smaller ones in a salon-style display to make your space feel brighter and larger.

Here are some of your favourite mirrors,

4. Style A Wall Shelf

Make the most of your space. Floating shelves allow you to display your favourite books as well as decorative elements such as sculptures and ornaments. Make a one-of-a-kind display that is both functional and elegant.

Here are some suggestions for styling a shelf,

5. Add Texture To Your Walls

Use texture to add interest and dimension to your walls. You can use fabric, macramé, and feathers.

Here are some ideas

6. Go 3D With Sculptural Art on Wall

Why not try wall sculptures if you’re looking for unusual living room wall art ideas? These three-dimensional works of art are made from a variety of materials, including metal and wood. To suit your space, choose between vertical and horizontal styles.

Check out these wall sculptures

From living rooms to nurseries and hallways – we have all the wall decor ideas covered. Create a unique space with these six wall décor ideas today! Explore our extensive range of home decor accessories here.